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Gabrielle Lord returns to crime for 16th adult novel.

Gabrielle Lord is a gripping crime writer with a knack for writing one step ahead of the news cycle.

Her latest thriller, Dishonour, trails some nasty Middle Eastern drug lords and outlaw bikie gangs with links to Iraqi and Syrian jihadists. Its release coincides with the appalling beheading of two American journalists, drone attacks in Iraq and threats to withdraw the passports of foreign fighters. 

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Dishonour - Profile in The West Australian
"We came to Australia to get away from these people — these problems — but we find them here in Australia as well."

So speaks one of the characters in Gabrielle Lord's remarkably topical novel Dishonour, which revolves around the heated subject of honour killings, violence against women and the vexed question of gang violence.

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How Conspiracy 365 came to be - Or Wrangling a 12 volume series

When this project was first pitched to me by Andrew Berkhut at Scholastic publishing, I couldn’t have known what a huge undertaking it would turn out to be. Sure, writing 12 books would be a big job, I realised that, but they were only 35,000-40,000 words each. I was used to first drafts of a 130,000 words. Somehow, that thought – ‘they’re only 35 thousand words…

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