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December 23 2018

The official publication date for Sisters (used to be known as The Woman Who Loved God) is now January 8th 2019.  
I've been busy writing -- or rather trying to write -- because it's hard this time of year with all the interruptions caused by the season.  I spent the afternoon making mango mousse, the traditional food my family demands at this time of the year.  It's quite wicked, packed with mangoes, whipped cream, sugar and air.  But once a year, it can only do us good.

Can I wish all readers a Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year -- may all your dreams come true!

November 24th 2018

The novel once entitled The Woman Who Loved God is now titled Sisters and it's OUT!  It's available for pre-order before publication date in December.  Please click on the Wilkinson Publishing link on the front page of this website.  The name was eventually changed because people are scared of the G-o-d word!!!!  But it's exactly the same as described here.  Greta Maitland, Sydney screenwriter, gets a postcard from Crete telling her that her younger sister Xanthe (pronounced 'Zan-thee'  has been missing for some time and the Cretan police have run into a deadend.  I visted Crete three times, twice on research trips and lived there for several months, gathering the 'feel' of the place and the Cretan people -- the Irish of the Mediterranean as they are sometimes called.   Sisters is an exciting and thought-provoking novel, about family relations, whether or not 'I am my brother's (sister's?) keeper, examines betrayal and misunderstanding between couples, and is finally a ringing statement about choosing life!

At the moment, I'm writing the outline of my new thriller - The New Girl - set in a remote country boarding school, in the '60s where the gloomy corridors and weak electric lighting create a spooky background for a fast moving, gripping story.  Better go and finish it!

My absence from updating my news is because I've been flat out writing and doing outlines of my work

July 18th 2018


January 19th 2018

Apologies for leaving such a long gap between news reports.  I've been busy finding a publisher for my new adult novel "Sisters: a Soul THriller' having two short stories published, one in the US in an anthology called Sydney Noir, the other in a collection edited by Lee Kofman called "Split' and writing a new thriller, The New GIrl, set in a 1960s boarding school.  
Look out for "SIsters: a Soul THriller in November December of this year, 2018.

Finally, I should first wish everyone a Happy New Year.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Chanukka or whatever season is celebrated.
The Woman Who Loved God is still being read by a new agent, and I'm still waiting to hear the judgement!  Patience is required, plus getting on with other work, mostly at the moment, to do with the new 48 Hours Trilogy, The Vanishing, The Medusa Curse and The Crocodile Heist (my personal favourite because of the large crocodile involved!)  I'm also mulling over and making notes for a new adult thriller.
My frog pond is finally producing results and I've had two batches of frogs' eggs in the little cave made by the overhanging rock in the pond.  Now I'm hopeful of spotting little taddies soon.  

Here it is September (2017) and I haven't kept this page up to date very well.   I'm still looking for a publisher for The Woman Who Loved God as the novel is now with a number of publishers, waiting for someone to love it.  In the meantime, I'm getting on with writing a new YA novel, storylining and organising another exciting read for young people.  
Any time now, Book 2 of the 48 Hours Trilogy will come back to me for polishing.  The first book The Vanishing came out earlier this month with the second book The Curse of Medusa coming out next year.  I'm also dreaming about a new adult thriller set in a convent in the 'fifties or 'sixties, before the massive changes of Vatican ll shook the whole thing up.
Very spooky, very Gothic.  So I'm not sinking into any kind of retirement.



​The Woman Who Loved God is off to the USA seeking an American agent.  I hope someone over there loves it.
The first book of the new YA Trilogy The Vanishing is almost ready to go to the Bologna Book Fair where I hope there will be lots of interest in it.  
I'm currently writing a short story for an American publisher (if they like it!) to go into a collection called Sydney Noir. I"m setting mine in CLovelly -- the least noir suburb I've ever lived in, but you never know...
Other writing plans too...

January 31st 2017

Just sent my edited manuscript off to Fiona at Curtis Brown and now I wait to hear back from her concerning her thoughts on which publishers to approach with this work.  It is a departure from my genre novels, more a return to the stand alone novels I wrote in the '80s and '90s and I hope it doesn't disappoint those looking for a straight forward thriller.  This one, The Woman Who Loved God,  is a devious tale, but I hope ultimately very satisfying.

Jamuary 2nd 2017

I'm now working my way through the edited typescript of The Woman Who Loved God.  Nicola O'Shea, the editor, has made some very good suggestions to tighten and clear up the first section of the novel, and provide a cleaner through-line of the main narrative.  Her suggestions also strengthen Greta's motivation to go to Crete, not only to search for her missing sister, but also to try and discover more about their mother's early life and why she is/was the way she is/was.
I hope to deliver it into the hands of my agent by the end of this month or the first days in February.  Then, I sit back and wait for the offers!!!!   Well. that's the plan.

The first book in the YA Trilogy, 48 Hours "The Vanishing", will be off to Bologne Book Fair in April.  I hope it finds many excited buyers from all over the world.

Latest News

I've delivered The Woman Who Loved God into the hands of the highly regarded editor, Nicola O'Shea, for her structural editing.  I"m hoping I've got the structure largely in order, but one never knows -- as the poet Emily Dickinson said 'The mind is too close to itself' for disinterested judgement.
 Soon I'll be back on the YA trail with 48 Hours, however the first book will not now be coming out until September 2017 and that seems a long time away.  In the meantime, I have some ideas for another YA work and also another adult novel.  
Please message me any time on Facebook.  Love to hear from readers.

September 23rd 2016

Here I am, doing yet another draft of The Woman Who Loved God.  It's a happy way to pass the time until the books of the new YA Trilogy, '48 Hours" come back to me from the Scholastic editor, Angie Masters. for polishing and improvement.  (I need a personal editor, come to think of it, to polish and improve me!!)  
I feel very satisfied in the writing of TWHLG and hope that readers will find it an enjoyable journey, even thought it's a little different from my usual straight thriller novels.


23rd 2016

It's been too long since I added to this site.  I've been writing The Woman Who Loved God and now I have a strong first draft which I'm letting rest for a while.  I'll come back to it with fresh eyes, I hope, and take it to the next draft.
I've also been rewriting the ending of Book 3 the YA Trilogy "48 Hours' about Jazz and Phoenix, my two intrepid teenage investigators.  
Also some gardening and listening to music, reading and writing other more journalistic pieces.


Just hit the 10,000 words mark with the Woman Who etc.  Once I've got ten thousand locked in, I feel I'm really getting into the book.
Too many interruptions this week -- all of them very pleasing and necessary -- but they take me away from the focused attention I need to apply when writing.  Next week is less crowded.

March 2016

Just came back from eight days on Lord Howe Island where -- in a place where only 350 people live permanently and a tourist population of never more than 400 -- a man who spoke Hebrew (which I'm learning) then I bumped into writer Kathy Lette, who co-wrote Puberty Blues and who I hadn't seen in about thirty years, then finally, a guy who was staying at the same accomodation as we were, said 'You don't remember me, but I was the guy at Taronga Zoo who got you into the Komodo dragon emclosure when you were researching a book!  I was able to tell him that I used the info I gained from that somewhat scary close encounter with the great disembowelling lizard in two books -- one adult and one YA (Monkey Undercover)  How's that for amazing meetings in a tiny place.  

I'm currently writing The Woman Who Loved God, an adult novel, and waiting to hear what's going on with 48 Hours, which was bumped into this year for publication.  I'll keep you posted as to its progress.  

The five Gemma Lincoln novels and Dishonour have all been optioned by a Melbourne producer and she's hoping (as am I!) that the ABC will take one -- or both -- on to fulfil their Australian drama content.   Fingers crossed.​

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016 everyone!

January 16th 2016

This is the year I can finally write the novel I've been hatching for many years:  The Woman Who Loved God -- freed from the constraints of the classic thriller structure which for many books now, has formed the scaffolding for the now 37 novels for adults and Young Adults that I've written over the years.

This novel, set in Crete (mostly) the island in the Mediterranean from whence came my great grandfather, Konstantinos Koukousagis, provides the background to a novel about two women -- sisters - and their lives, interrupted as each one pursues goals that lead to very unexpected outcomes.  Of course, I'll be using my 'training' in the thriller mode, to create and maintain tension and suspense, but I feel much freer in this book to let my imagination play a lot more with ideas that have preoccupied me for some time.  Wish me luck.

October 2015

I've been absent from these pages for a few months, working to finish Book 3 of the '48 Hours Trilogy" -- well, it's finally written but just recently I heard that it will not be coming out until 2017 -- so apologies to anyone who was hanging on it!   
Now I'll do a springclean of my home which is long overdue and catch up on some reading before I start writing my  soul novel The Woman Who Loved God.

June 5th, 2015

Storylining Book 3 of the 48 Hours Trilogy -- making this book the best of the three as it's the last one.  Then I'll write it, the Scholastic editors will see any problems/additions and then it's up to me to write the first draft of the book.  That will be fun.

May 2015

Book 2 of the 48 Hours Trilogy is now safely with the editors and I can have a little break before starting to storyline Book 3.  Working with Scholastic Publishing is always rewarding because I send my storylines through and the editors take a look.  They often make very helpful suggestions or comments that I can incorporate into the first draft.

Unfortunately, I developed a head cold and instead of leaping around, I've had to settle for sniffing around and taking it easy.

The weather has been gorgeous until today -- just now it's turned very cold and dark with rain threatening.  My fish are all just hanging at the bottom of the pond.  They need warm days and nights to get them going.   Roses just about finished.

I had two very fine letters from young fans in the USA.  I love answering those letters and always include a postcard of myself with Pushkin, the non-wonder cat.

April 2015

Busy finishing Book 2 of the 48 Hours Trilogy -- just tidying it up now and this week I'll send it off for editing.

Yesterday, we attended the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Coogee Beach down the hill.  Getting up at 4am wasn't too hard.  I thought of all those beautiful young men and their officers who died to uphold liberty -- in the face of Germany's aggression.  We still have to fight for those ideals today.  The Anzac spirit reminds us of this lest we forget.

February 2015

I'm writing Book 2 of the new 48 Hours Trilogy, in which two clever young investigators take on a frightening case that has baffled the police so far.  Jazz Mandell and Phoenix Lyons don't much like each other, but they know that they need each other...

November 8th, 2014

There are now four or five good reviews of Dishonour which is pleasing.    I'm hopeful of overseas sales but that is out of my hands.  I was interviewed by the BBC for a program called 'Foreign Bodies' as was Peter Temple and spoke of the way a writer is influenced by the times and the place in which they live -- I defended Australia against charges of 'racism' as it's my experience that apart from the odd dickhead, Australians are largely a tolerant lot of people who do believe in the 'fair go'.  
Now it's back to work in the YA field, writing a new Trilogy '48 Hours' in which two intrepid teen investigators solve three gripping and dangerous crimes.  

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